Teach them when they are young…

The other night we were eating dinner. And as most dinners go with toddlers, Q never wants to eat what I cook. We say, “If you want to have a dessert, you need to eat all of your dinner.” He then repeats “but I want dessert” about 50 times. With smoke coming out of my… Continue reading Teach them when they are young…


July 2015

Getting married, having my son and July 2015.  These 3 moments in my life are when my life completely changed. I changed. The first 2 events are obvious as to why I changed but what some of you don’t know is what happened July 2015.  July 2015 I committed to making health a priority again.… Continue reading July 2015

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And the waves came crashing down…

Grief is a funny thing. A good friend once told me that grief comes in waves. You will have days when you feel strong and days when waves of grief, anger, confusion and sadness come crashing over you. The waves came crashing over me today. It’s been almost 2 months since our miscarriage (that story here)… Continue reading And the waves came crashing down…

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What’s for Dinner?

Planning what to cook for dinner can be so frustrating especially when you don’t want to spend hours in the kitchen. My rule of thumb is to try to cook meals that are easy and with ingredients that are fresh! Here are some easy, quick and healthy meals you can plan for your family  this week… Continue reading What’s for Dinner?

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I’m 92 and I’m just getting started

What if even though you get older in age, you grow younger? Culturally we are taught that after we reach a certain age, we are done. We are done growing. We are done dreaming. We are done trying new things. Meet 72 year old Ruth Flowers. At age 68, she decided to become a Club… Continue reading I’m 92 and I’m just getting started

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How to Get Out of a Health Rut

You go on an amazing vacation or away for the weekend and slack off a little on eating healthy. You come back home and before you know it, motivation to exercise is no where to be found. Weeks pass, maybe even months. You just can’t seem to find the motivation to get back to that… Continue reading How to Get Out of a Health Rut

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Mother Nature’s Worst Trick

My husband and I are sitting in the Ultrasound room in shock. We can’t believe our eyes, nor can we believe what we just heard. “Your pregnancy isn’t viable.” The Ultrasound technician speaks to us as if she was talking to us about the weather. I look at the screen and I see the 9 week… Continue reading Mother Nature’s Worst Trick