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Healthy Eating: 6 Tips to Survive Holiday Parties

Christmas is here and New Year’s Eve is right around the corner. I feel like during the holiday season, healthy eating goes by the wayside and that’s when most people gain a little more than they intended to. I know for me, I usually gain at least 5 pounds during the holiday season.

Since turning a new leaf in July and making it a priority to take care of my health, I am determined to not gain the usual 5 pounds this year! I will NOT let my hard work go to waste!

So I wanted to share a few tips I used over Thanksgiving and plan on using for Christmas and New Years to help you survive all the holiday parties and dinners you will be going to.

6 Tips to Survive Holiday Parties

1. Drink water

Drinking a glass or two of water before going out to your family gatherings or parties will help you feel fuller, which will help suppress your appetite.

2. Workout

Find at least 30 minutes in the morning or before going out to your holiday gatherings to get a workout in. Every time I start my day off working out, I tend to make healthier choices throughout the day.

3. Eat before you go

Find a healthy snack to eat before you go so that you are not going into a party hungry. When you go into a party hungry, you tend to eat whatever is in front of you instead of making healthy choices.

4. Fill your plate up FIRST with your veggies

Instead of going straight for the yummy carbs, fill up your plate with your greens! Then go back and fill your plate up with your protein and carbs.

 5. Watch your portions

Portion size according to your palm!! Hold your palm out… Your protein should cover the palm of your hand. Hold two palms out, each meal should have a mix of fruits and veggies to fill both hands cupped. Hold out one hand, starchy carbs should fill 1 hand. This is the easiest way and best way to portion out your food for weight loss.

6. Throw your plate away, skip seconds

Once your plate is empty, throw the plate away so you don’t get tempted to go back for seconds!

I hope these tips help you as much as they have me!

Merry Christmas!



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