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I’m 92 and I’m just getting started

What if even though you get older in age, you grow younger?

Culturally we are taught that after we reach a certain age, we are done. We are done growing. We are done dreaming. We are done trying new things.

pic 4

Meet 72 year old Ruth Flowers. At age 68, she decided to become a Club DJ.

pic 1

Meet Robert Marchand. At age 101 he set a world record in one hour track cycling in the over 100 age group and then beat that record at 103.

pic 1

Meet Lloyd Kahn. He decided to try skateboarding for the first time at age 68.

What these seniors teach us is that our best day is NOT behind us. Our lives are not over after we reach our 20s, 30s or even 40s. They inspire us to never stop trying new things, setting new goals and dreaming new dreams.

Age is just a number.

The older we get, we acquire more wisdom. Every year we have a chance to evolve and become better versions of ourselves. Every year we have a chance to try new things and never stop fighting for what we want in life.

No matter how old you are, may you never stop growing, trying new things and racing towards new dreams. May you grow younger as you get older.


My name is Christy Land and I’m 32 years old and I’m just getting started!

[This post was inspired by Rob Bell in this video here]



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