About Me

Hello and Welcome to my blog! I am so happy you stumbled upon my page. My name is Christy Land and I am a mommy of a spunky 2 year old boy, a wife of an amazing and talented husband, a High School Spanish teacher and a budding entrepreneur . I am a Beachbody Coach striving to make my business more than just a part-time hobby but a career where I can inspire others to live healthy and happy lives.

I started my journey in July of 2015 when I turned 31 years old. I wanted to make some changes in my life that I had been procrastinating about since before my son was born. I decided at 31 I was going to make that year my year and finally put my physical health back on the priority list. I signed up as a coach + started my first Beachbody fitness program all at the same time! What can I say, I am more of a “both feet in” type of girl. I started with 21 Day Fix + drinking Shakeology daily and was blown away at my results even after the first week of eating healthy, watching my portions and being consistent with my 30 minutes workouts daily. I completed two rounds (6 weeks) of 21 Day Fix and lost 2 pant sizes, toned my body and lost many inches everywhere on my body and got in the BEST shape of my life! Not only was I changing on the outside but a lot of growth and change was happening on the inside. For the first time in years I was making my health a priority again and taking the time for personal development daily by reading and listening to inspiring people on how to live a life of greatness. My life has completely changed!

If you are looking for a friend or someone to support, motivate and inspire you through this time in your life, I am here for you and you were brought to my blog for a reason. 🙂 I am a strong believer that to start living a happier life, it starts with YOU! I believe that with fitness, fueling your body with the proper nutrition and loving yourself again are the first steps to a life of true happiness. That is how my life completely changed and why I believe that the decision to start taking care of my health has made me a better mom and wife and all around better person and I know it can change yours too! Got questions? Email me at christylandfitness@gmail.com and follow my blog. You can also follow me on other social media sites like Instagram (@christylandfitness) or follow my Facebook page.

Thanks again for taking the time to check out my blog! ❤

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